Good Housekeeping Deposit (GHD)


What is the GHD for?

The GHD is a damage security deposit. It is held until after your holiday and will be returned in full if the property is left in good condition and there is no damage.

What sort of damage allows owners to keep the GHD?

The GHD is retained when damage is above and beyond what could be termed “wear and tear” and there is a significant cost to the owner to rectify the damage. For example, a broken cup is wear and tear, a bottle of wine spilt on the carpet or soft furnishings will result in a deduction from the GHD. A house left in a particularly dirty state will also mean a deduction from the GHD for additional cleaning costs.

How will I know if you think we have caused damage?

We will contact you as soon as we are aware of damage which is considered to be of the type where the GHD will be retained or partially retained. You have the right to discuss this and we will provide you with relevant receipts or quotes for repairs, services or replacements.

When do I get my GHD back?

We aim to pay it back to you within 7-10 working days of completing your holiday. It will be paid back by the same method you paid.

Will the cheque be cashed or Credit card debited?

Yes we always cash cheques or debit credit cards when we take the GHD.

What happens if I do not pay the GHD?

We have the right to refuse entry to the property if you have not paid the GHD. There will be no refund on your holiday if you are refused entry for this.

Why do I need to pay GHD 2 weeks in advance?

We request the GHD at the same time that the balance is paid because this is generally the last contact we have with you before your holiday.